Tough weekend for Lance Isaacs Racing

📁 Team Media Releases 🕔27.September 2017
Tough weekend for Lance Isaacs Racing

On Saturday the final race of the 2017 SuperGP Champions Trophy came to an end and it turned out to be another tough weekend for Lance Isaacs Racing.

From the early Friday morning practice session, Isaacs encountered brake problems with his Supabets Sandton BMW Motorrad S1000RR. This remained an issue throughout the whole day.

“The first few laps of each session were fine until the brake problems started to kick in, leaving me with insufficient stopping power and denting the confidence in the bike.” In between the short breaks, team engineer Dean Ferreira tried everything to resolve the issue, but to little avail. One of the core strengths and essential assets at Redstar Raceway is late braking, especially after the long back straight. The moment you lose the braking and or the confidence in the braking, you have a serious issue at hand.

By setting an early as possible fast lap in qualifying, Lance managed to squeeze out a 9th position for the races. “I am actually very happy with the time. We have gone significantly quicker than last year and with my mid 1:52 there is only 1 second to the top 5” Lance explained after his daring fast lap.

The team changed the complete brake system overnight and the desired result was successful when Lance managed a P3 in the warm up session. “This feels so much better and I am happy to put my head down for the races.” Team engineer Dean explained that an earlier crash in the season was the probable cause for the brake issues. “We simply didn’t have enough time to change the whole system during the practice sessions”

Race 1 got underway with a decent start for Isaacs and the true competitiveness of the field started to show. Up until lap 9, Isaacs was doing qualifying lap pace when he started to encounter overheating problems of his BMW S1000RR. The mid-day temperature had risen to 32 degrees and with this pace came the overheating problems. After a fierce fight, Lance finished the opening race in P8.

With the heat being the only problem for Lance, there was little the team could do to improve his bike for the second race. The race basically unfolded in a similar way as the first race. The reoccurring overheating problem prevented Isaacs to work his way up to the leader pack and settled for P7.

It has been a rough season for us but a year with a lot of new experiences. We have progressed enormously over 2017 and if it wasn’t for the unfortunate crashes in the middle of the season, we would have been much higher up. From a technical side, we have made a huge step forward. We managed to set faster times at each track and moved closer to the top of the leader board. The only part that was truly missing this season was Lady Luck on my shoulder.

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